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Adventurer Analytical and Precision Balances

Striking the ideal balance between inventive features and functional, uncomplicated weighing capabilities, the INSMARK Adventurer incorporates all of the applications necessary for routine weighing and measurement activities. With a color Screen, GLP/GMP compliance capabilities, USB ports, and much more, Adventurer is the most complete balance in its class.

Application Modes
Units of Meas.
Typical Areas

  • Weighing
  • Parts Counting
  • Percent Weighing

Display: Liquid crystal display (LCD)
Operation: AC adapter (included)
Communication: RS232 (included)
Construction: Metal base, ABS housing, stainless steel pan, glass draftshield with sliding top door, up-front level indicator, integral weigh below hook, security bracket, calibration lock, full housing in-use cover.
Design Features: Selectable environmental filters, auto tare, software lockout and reset menu, user selectable communication and printing settings, auto standby.

  • Milligram
  • Gram
  • Ounce
  • Pound
  • Carat
  • Pennyweight
  • Ounce Troy
  • Grain
  • Newton
  • Hong Kong Tael
  • Singapore Tael
  • Taiwan Tael
  • Momme
  • Tical
  • Baht
  • Mesghal
  • Tola
  • Custom

Photo Model Item Nr Capacity Readability Platform Test Weight
ADV100E 2635 120gm 0.1mg 90mm 120g, OIML F1 or ASTM Class 1
ADV100 2615 120gm 0.1mg 90mm X 120g, OIML F1 or ASTM Class 1
ADV200E 2645 200gm 0.1mg 90mm 200g,

OIML F1 or ASTM Class 1

ADV200 2678 200gm 0.1mg
(Four Digits)
90mm X 200g, OIML F1 or ASTM Class 1
ADV220E 31545 220gm 0.1mg 90mm 220g, OIML F1 or ASTM Class 1
ADV220 3512 220gm 0.1mg 90mm X 220g, OIML F1 or ASTM Class 1


In a laboratory

In a classroom

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Anti-Theft Device

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In-Use Cover

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Density Determination Kit

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