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Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer 360 D

Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer

Model No. INS 360 D Semi Digital .

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Model INS 360 D
Name Digital hotplate stirrer
Voltage[VAC] 110/220
Frequency[Hz] 50/60
Power[W] 500
Stirring point position quantity[mm] 80
Max. stirring quantity(H2O)[L] 2
Motor type Brushless motor
Speed range[rpm] 200-1500
Speed display LCD
Speed display accuracy[rpm]  1
Heating temperature range[℃] RT-380
Temperature display accuracy[℃] 0.1
Temperature sensor of extra position PT100 Optional
Plate Material Ceramic coating surface
Dimension of Plate[mm] φ135 or 155
Plate shape Square or disc
Material Plastic
Color White or blue
Dimension[mm] 370*280*180
Weight 3kg

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