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Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer INS 400D

Model No. INS 400 D Digital

• High-performance hot plate magnetic stirrer comes with a temperature probe.
• Large LCD display clearly shows the timer, temperature and running status.
• Push-button speed control effectively avoids that the hot-liquids hurt the operator.
• Adjustable heating temperature, stirring times and speeds.
• Automatic constant temperature through an appendant temperature probe.
• 1 point push-button calibration ensures the accurate temperature control.

Other Information
Optional Accessories

   Model INS 400 D
   Stirring Volume 0~2000mL
   Stirring Speed 0~1250rpm
   Timer Range 0 to 999 minutes
   Temperature Range Room temperature to 400°C
   Top Plate Size 135×135mm
   Top Plate Material Stainless steel
   Stir Bar Size 30(L)×7(Dia.)mm
   Display LCD
   Power AC 220V/50Hz
   Ambient Temperature < 50°C
   Dimensions 230(L)×180(W)×120(H)mm
   Weight 2.2kg

   Order Code Accessories
   INS 400D TP-100P temperature probe
Stir bar

Items Description
TP-100P Temperature Probe Special-purpose temperature sensor
Stir Bar PTFE

   Order Code Carton Dimensions (L×W×H) Weight
   INS 400 D 310×210×185mm 2.3kg